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Tomorrow Today Labs is a VR studio that's not afraid to double down on technology we think will change the world. Ex-Nintendo, ex-Microsoft, 100% beef. We like our games indie and our VR room-scale.


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Designing Realities - Building experiences, not games (Microsoft Build)

Adrienne Hunter

The first wave of experiences that enter this new interactive world is coming to a close. Let's apply what we've learned and stop building discrete interactions or focusing on mechanics. Instead, focus on building realities people want to live in. We've been making games for decades using these tools and now they're evolving to support so much more. Small adjustments can make all the difference in your application. Keith Bradner, working at Valve on SteamVR, will talk about why we need to evolve our design, and specific examples around what that means.

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Reducing cognitive load in VR: 6 ways to improve your VR UX

Adrienne Hunter

First of all, what is cognitive load and where does it come from? Simply put, cognitive load is the amount of mental processing power needed to use your...

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Accessibility in VR: Head Height

Brian Van Buren

My name is Brian Van Buren, and I am the Narrative Designer at Tomorrow Today Labs, a VR studio based in Seattle. I am also a wheelchair user...

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Newton VR: Physics-based interaction on the Vive

Nick Abel

We recently decided to rebuild our interaction system, which acts as the glue connecting player input from the Vive controllers to objects in game...

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